I look-ed for a brother
And I saw he was not there
The place he used to sit in
Is now an empty chair

I suppose I missed a meeting
Or maybe two or three
My life just got too busy
Oh where can my brother be

I do not know what happened
To make him be not there
I hope to all of Heaven
He didn’t think, I didn’t care

And when the meeting started
We opened on the third
And then our Worshipful Master
Said he’d like to say a word

My brother’s life had ended suddenly
A widow had been born
My brother would be buried
His lambskin apron worn

Our Secretary led the way
All brethren followed cue
The memorial was Masonic
White gloves, acacia too

His plans they weren’t finished
His trestle board lay bare
Sometimes life is brutal
And hardly ever fair

I will always miss my brother
Though he was not blood nor kin
He became part of my family
When our lodge had let him in

Ray Kustush, Western Springs Lodge No. 1136