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Your Excellent High Priest, Companion Scott Bellis, and Past High Priest, Jim Tome, attended the Grand Chapter’s Leadership Seminar yesterday at Glenview Masonic Temple.

This all-morning, quick-paced session featured speakers from five different, local Chapters, who spoke on a myriad of topics including member retention, recruiting, running the Chapter as a small business and ways to ensure the financial health of the Chapter.

In between each 10 minute presentation, a 20 minute question-and-answer session was held to field questions and comments from the audience (estimated at about 60 Companions). The session was well-attended by Dias leaders of local, northern Illinois Chapters as well as Grand Chapter officers and officers in other York Rite Bodies.

There is another seminar with the same format this upcoming weekend in Champaign. Past High Priest and current Grand Master of the 2nd Veil for the Grand Chapter, Companion Jim Tome, will be attending this session as well. If anyone would like to attend — and it is strongly encouraged for all sitting officers as well as anyone who aspires to be a leader in our York Rite Bodies — you are invited to get up early, drink lots of coffee and make the mad — and quick — dash down to Champaign on Saturday morning.