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There is a saying which you have heard in Masonry many times: “You get out of Masonry only what you put in it.”

There may be a great deal of truth in such a statement, but it is a rather conservative estimate.

You get far more out of Masonry than you ever can put into it. There is no work or study that pays greater spiritual dividends than the work of Masonry. There is no time better spent and which fields more happiness and satisfaction than time spent in the work of Masonry.

If one is looking for a purely material or financial reward, then his time in Masonry is only a waste of effort. From the time you evidenced a desire to become a Mason, it was made plain to you that Masonry offered an opportunity for spiritual and mental growth, and did not offer or promise the least financial reward. The Wages of a Master are in keeping with the thing sought through Mastership.

Then is this work of Masonry confined to the lodge room? No.

It is important that every Mason attend as many meetings of his Lodge as he possibly can, and it is important that the Mason participate in as many activities of the Lodge as he possibly can, according to his talents, large or small. Yet, the work of Masonry calls for an examination of self to determine how our own lives reflect the teachings of Masonry. If we are honest in this, then other fields of work in the interest of humanity will be opened, and we will enter into them with joy and enthusiasm because we are Master Masons and cannot do otherwise.

Try it! You will find a harvest of happiness.

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