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There’s never a tear would drop
But some kind hand would steal it;
There’s never a sigh would swell
But some kind heart would feel it;
And never a widow sad,
And never an orphan lonely,
But some one would make glad
With smiles of joy, if only
The good men all were Masons.

There’s never a word profane
By heedless mortal spoken,
And never a cruel blow,
And never a law be broken;
There’s never a man would die
Away from loved ones, lonely;
There’s never a shuddering cry
Would mount to Heaven, if only
The good men all were Masons.

But every heart would smile,
And tongues break forth in singing,
And corn, and wine, and oil,
The generous would be bringing;
And each would strive to make
The path of life less lonely,
A green and flowery way,
An Eden-walk, if only
The good men all were Masons.

But since the good men all
Are not in our connexion,
Let’s try, what few we are,
To be of one complexion;
Let’s try, though few and frail,
And, maybe, poor and lonely,
To show what life would be
And men would do, if only
The good men were all Masons.

Complements of MasonsOfTexas.com