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If you haven’t seen the work of Brother Patrick Craddock of The Craftsman’s Apron, Brothers, you are missing some of the most beautiful work I have ever experienced.

Sure, you can buy a premade Past Master’s, Past High Priest’s or even just a Master Mason’s apron from one of the supply houses for a few hundred dollars, but spend a little more and Brother Craddock will create a truly personalized work of art.

I’ve created a gallery of Brother Craddock’s creations on the photo sharing web site, PhotoBucket, where you can view his collection — borrowed from his online collection of his work — in full size.

Click here to view that collection of photos. Patrick also has a Facebook page for those of you socially inclined and his blog and web site are always great places to visit now and then.

Brother Craddock is about to create a personalized Past Master’s apron for me, based on an original, vintage Royal Arch Masons apron currently in the collection of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee.

We are also talking with Patrick about providing those of us going on the Masonic Washington, D.C. trip with simple, yet elegant, commemorative aprons to be worn when we open DeKalb Lodge in the George Washington Memorial Masonic Museum.