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"The Perfect Ashlar" was used as the basis for the Masonic stone cube in author Dan Brown's latest novel, The Lost Symbol. Click picture for a closer look.

Brothers, here’s just another reason to join The Masonic Society, an organization for Masons who have a “deep and abiding desire to seek knowledge, explore history, discover symbolism, debate philosophies, and in short, who will be at the forefront of charting a path for the future of Freemasonry.”

In this quarter’s issue of the Society’s fascinating magazine, The Journal of the Masonic Society, there’s a back page article about a ficticious Masonic stone cube that might be familiar to readers of author Dan Brown’s new novel, “The Lost Symbol.”

Click picture for a closer look.

“[The stone cube] opens into a cruciform shape to revel hidden symbols. Brown based the description on this piece of jewelry from England — a watch fob called ‘The Perfect Ashlar.’ Viewed in the open position, with the “East” at the top, it displays the positions of the Master and Wardens, their jewels of office, the Bible in the center on its alter, the pillars and other symbols of the Lodge and the Degrees. Closed, it represents the man who is educated about the Craft and keeps the symbols and secrets sacred within himself.”